Repair of industrial fans – comprehensive overhaul

We carry out fan overhauls in the field:
  • Swap shafts and bearing system,
  • Swap rotors
  • Swap and upgrade air ducts
  • Assetting motor – fan
  • Vibration measurements
  • Fan diagnostics

We specialize in complex overhauls and repair of industrial fans of various types: radial, axial, duct, roof, chemically resistant, smoke, diesel and other. We operate on the basis of a combination of many years of experience with extensive technical knowledge using specialized tools and equipment. This provides our customers with a short waiting time and quick realization of the order. Regardless of whether these are typical single-stage / double-stage radial fans, transport fans, roof fans or more unusual fan types. We have the right specialists and equipment to deal with any type of equipment.

repair of industrial fans

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overhaul industrial fans service

Detailed diagnostics of fans, vibration measurements and alignment

We start and finish with detailed diagnostics. We also perform alignment of the motor-fan system. This is a very important process. A good alignment of the fan ensures its maximum efficiency. The principle of operation of an industrial fan consists primarily in pumping air or gases. After a proper repair, the fans can still efficiently remove heated, heavy, stale air, but they also help remove dust, smoke and other impurities. We carry out repairs on site at the customer’s premises, in various types of production or storage halls, and not only.

The guarantee of proper air exchange is an important safety issue, therefore, after-sales devices can be boldly used in buildings where people work, or in various types of rooms where goods and products are stored. Efficient industrial fans also ensure safety in the hall, where various machines are running, which can heat up and emit pollutants very quickly. The devices are also used in buildings where emergency and smoke protection installations are used. Integrated with these systems are able to smoke a given room of the building in case of a situation.

Each renovation is approached individually by conducting a local inspection, technical arrangements and presenting a reliable price and deadline offer. Our advantage is quality combined with professionalism enriched with many years of experience.
We invite you to cooperation. We provide reliable contact, timely orders and professional service.
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Fan alignment
Fully diagnostics and measurements of vibrations