Overhaul and repair of bowl and roller ball mills and ball tubing

We carry out comprehensive mechanical work including replacement of fast-wearing parts as well as sensitive components of technological equipment in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the equipment manufacturer:
  • Replacement of the drive gear
  • Replacement, renovation of the grinding path
  • Replacement, renovation of grinding rollers
  • Overhauling the pressure system of grinding rollers
  • Replacement, renovation of grinding chamber cover
  • Replacement, renovation of kinetic separator
  • Overhaul of milk transport system modernization

We have experience and specialized personnel to carry out renovation works. We provide services throughout the country, within the deadlines agreed upon by the Parties. We operate mainly in the power, cement and lime industries. We perform full diagnostics, which, combined with experience, ensures fast execution of even the most demanding repairs. We know which subassemblies to replace or repair, so that in the future the mill will operate fully efficiently. We will restore your equipment to a state where the grinding and shredding process will operate efficiently with sufficient power.

Overhauls and repairs of various types of mills:
  • ball mills
  • bowl and roller mills
  • ball pipe mills

We operate throughout the country

Professionalism and reliable contact

We approach each renovation individually by carrying out a local inspection, technical arrangements and presenting a reliable price and term offer.

Our advantage is quality combined with professionalism enriched with many years of experience.

Fast delivery time at the agreed time
Repair in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the device manufacturer
Full diagnostics