Gas cutting

Machine park

CNC controlled machine

  • Working area 2000×3000 [mm]
  • Oxygen cutting (oxygen/acetylene)
  • WRYKRYS – CAD/CAM software
Oxygen cutting of sheets in the range of
Type of material
For carbon steels
(structural steel, machine, wear-resistant, welded steel)
from 40 to 150 mm


The use of an oxygen burner with an automatic gas console enables precise control of cutting gases. This allows for fully automatic and smooth piercing even of very thick metal sheets.

You need technical support to develop the DXF/DWG documentation – CALL!

We carry out scoria based on the documentation in paper version/PDF/JPG/PNG.

In addition to cutting sheet metal sheets, we also provide plasma cutting services in profiles, sections according to the needs and arrangements with the customer!!!

At the customer’s request, we perform scribing and engraving of details according to needs and arrangements.
Thanks to the use of additional modules for the CNC machine (MPP scoring and MTP engraving) we can apply any markings to facilitate identification.

Thanks to this you get:
* easy identification of the details,
* easier assembly
* many more possibilities!

Wide range of material cutting thicknesses

High repeatability

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