Cutting sections

Machine park

Band cutter:

  • Profile cutting range: from 00 to 600
  • Oxygen cutting (oxygen/acetylene)
  • WRYKRYS – CAD/CAM software
Cutting sections in the range
# Cutting range Section dimensions [mm]
1 round 90° 225 mm
2 flat 90° 265 x 120 mm
3 square 90° 180 x 180 mm
4 round 45° R 160 mm
5 square 45° R 160 x 160 mm
6 round 60° 100 mm
7 square 60° 100 x 100 mm

By using the right saw blades for a given section thickness, we achieve the highest possible quality of repeatable cutting.

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We carry out scoria based on the documentation in paper version/PDF/JPG/PNG.

Various cutting angles and settings – flat, round, square

Cutting profiles, pipes, solid materials

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